Safety Cross and more Product Updates: September 2019

We’ve been hard at work building new product improvements for you over the last couple of months! We wanted to focus on enriching your information, making it easier to report and share, and keep you aligned on strategy.

Safety Lag and Lead Reports

TeamAssurance will automatically generate visual reports from your Safety data. The format is simple to understand, provides guidance on follow-up actions, and gives insights on where you can direct more effort to help prevent safety incidents.

Lag indicator report

The Safety Cross is actually a calendar, and each safe day in the month is colored green. An unsafe day is another color, depending on the type of safety incident reported. Understand exactly when and what happened, and see what follow-up is underway.

Selecting month to view on the safety cross calendar

Lead indicator report

What if your safety cross is green – it’s been a safe month – so there’s nothing we can do, right? That’s where this second report comes to life. See if your teams are focussed on proactive safety activities. Encourage the right behaviors and more of them to drive a safety culture.

All this data already exists in TeamAssurance. We’re simply adding context for teams and managers to make informed decisions and speed up the cycle of root cause analysis to solution. Both reports are optional.


If you want to share a message from the CEO to the entire workforce, or simply demonstrate how to correctly lift – add a video. It’s quick and easy to share. Take it directly from your phone or tablet, or upload from your desktop. It will autoplay (without sound) by default, giving the activity a richer context without any additional effort. Show the video at the next huddle and communicate once instead of 10 times.

Goal notifications

We’re helping you to keep the big picture front-of-mind. You’ll receive notifications when you’ve been assigned a new goal, the due date is changed or when someone comments on your goal.

Face login

Shared tablet devices are perfect for use in frontline teams. However logging out between Users means entering username and password each time. We’ve introduced an optional feature of Face Login (using the device’s camera). 

.gif showing someone loggin into TeamAssurance using Face Recognition technology

Catch-up on last month’s update on Scored Checklists.

Nick Strybosch
Nick Strybosch
Nick leads the Product and User Experience teams at TeamAssurance.

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