Checklist action tracking system

Animated view of a checklist in TeamAssurance

When we researched checklist systems, we identified seven areas that lean teams struggled with. This research, combined with our own experiences in manufacturing and healthcare, highlighted the need for a tight integration between a checklist and its actions. Today we’re introducing Checklists into TeamAssurance. TeamAssurance Checklists will close the loop on every checklist action and improve time to resolution.

Introducing TeamAssurance Checklists

Screenshot of the Checklist builder in TeamAssurance

Simple template setup

Templates are customizable forms that can be setup in minutes.

  • Drag and drop
  • Copy a question or whole sections
  • Add photos
  • Multiple-choice, multiple-select, photo, date, text…more

Preview – Save – Schedule. Done.

Integrated checklist action tracking

Non-conformances can be set-up to trigger an action during the inspection. Whoever is assigned the checklist action is notified before you’ve even finished the inspection.

Checklist actions are automatically added to the Activity list, and immediately visible to the relevant team. This integration with daily management ensures that nothing goes missing, and nothing gets forgotten. These activities are treated the same as any other activity, and are handled according to the priority and status in the flow of daily tasks.

Screenshot of a checklist view that a person doing the inspection would see

Every checklist action on a single page

See all non-conformances and CAPA – across all checklists – in one view. Expand the row to see only the most relevant information, or dive into the completed checklist for full details.

Screenshot of the aggregated view of all checklists

Checklists for Safety, Quality, Maintenance…

We’ve had some wonderful customers providing feedback on a preview version of Checklists (thank-you!). And we’ve been amazed at how quickly they’ve improved their processes across the board. A few examples of checklists they’ve created include;

  • Cleaning, inspection and lubrication (CIL) checklist
  • Workplace safety inspection checklist
  • Gemba walks
  • Preventative maintenance (PM)
  • New Product Introductions (NPI)
  • Scheduled internal audits and supplier audits
  • New employee checklists

For a full demo of Checklists, contact us at

Nick Strybosch
Nick Strybosch
Nick leads the Product and User Experience teams at TeamAssurance.

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