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Integrated Solutions

Eliminate Barriers to Continuous Improvement

Eliminate the biggest blockers of continuous improvement culture. Link strategy, project management and daily management by integrating your existing systems with our platform.

Plus, take advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies with our seamless integrations.

Integrate Your Existing Systems

TeamAssurance connects with your existing core systems seamlessly. Enrich your existing technology stack with the power of our daily management system. Here are some of the key tools that integrate with the TeamAssurance daily management system.

Excel & Powerpoint

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Safety Reporting

Safety S Transparent


Quality Management Systems

Quality Q Transparent



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Lotus Notes


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Industry 4.0

Leverage the Power of Industry 4.0

Take advantage of all the data available to you via Industry 4.0 technologies. From Condition Monitoring and OEE Monitoring through to SCADA tools - TeamAssurance integrates seamlessly.

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Don’t see an app you're looking for? Speak with our team to discuss our integration capabilities further.

Centralise Your Systems

Bring your core systems together within our DMS. Make information easily accessible to all and simplify your daily processes.

Ease Daily Management

From 'jobs to be done' through to KPIs, utilising TeamAssurance allows everyone to access the right information in a snap. Eliminate the runaround and reduce time waste.

Clarity of Information

Don't let information be misinterpreted or go unreconciled due to multiple sources of truth. Centralising information within the DMS ensures accuracy and consistency of message.

Document Everything

Bake in process standards at all levels through documentation, accessible to all. Track and manage changes to processes in one place.

Looking for More Benefits?

Our users are improving every day and finding new solutions to their biggest problems.

Here are just some of the benefits of our platform.

Ease Daily Management

A single, transparent source of truth for your operations simplifies day-to-day progress tracking and management. It also builds self-responsibility in individuals and teams.

Deploy Tangible Goals

Turn strategy into practice — automatically. Translate goals directly into pragmatic activities, and assign their responsibilities to specific people.

Simplify Audits and Non-Compliance Reports

Continuous activity tracking in a single system reduces audit headaches. Issues and actions are raised in real time, and stored securely for reporting and review.

Drive Continuous Improvement

Inspire innovation from the ground-up. Embed a philosophy of continuous improvement in your teams’ daily practices through a collaborative, activity-based approach to targets.

Boost Mobility

No matter where you’re working, you can watch everyone’s goals and activities progress in real time. Team Assurance is as easy to use on tablets and phones as on the desktop.

Increase Productivity

Swiftly focus teams on tasks that matter, and track progress as it happens. Organisation-wide visibility over activities inspires everyone to be their best.

Collaborate with the Supply Chain

Since everyone can see what’s in progress, collaboration’s easier across the whole supply chain. Teams can avoid bottlenecks and keep things moving without management intervention.

Boost Frontline Engagement

Boost engagement and innovation by giving frontline staff the tools to flag problems and recommend solutions. Now you can tap their experience to resolve issues on the spot.

Increase Safety Awareness

Nurture safety culture and meet specific standards by attaching practical activities to your safety strategy. Tactical initiatives are also easier to implement, thanks to the continuous tracking of key metrics.

Reduce Rework

Sharing knowledge and skills supports pragmatic, on-the-job training, and reduces the margin for error — and the amount of rework needed — across your entire operation.


What Our Users Are Saying

"We find that TeamAssurance helps us promote accountability towards everyday PDCA. It combines daily visual management practices, adaptive problem solving and standardized work systems. This fosters an environment that supports continuous improvement and sustainable results. "

“TeamAssurance enables seamless sharing of best practices across multiple sites. This translates into a speeding up of the improvement cycle across the organisation.”

"Shifting from reactive to proactive management in large and complex sites is never easy. TeamAssurance allows all functions to work together seamlessly. Now the day-to-day activity management is delivered alongside our critical and ongoing project and improvement work."

"TeamAssurance comprehensively connects Frontline operators (from pharma graded rooms) to all support and management levels. This sort of fast interaction was previously not achievable. The ability to share across sites provides much more efficient and comprehensive communication and collaboration."

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