Software that connects strategy and execution in real time

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What we do

TeamAssurance software turns data that is stuck in paper, verbal conversations, whiteboards, email and spreadsheets into a scalable lean daily operations system. Available on any device, it helps continuously transform your frontline operations to improve your business.

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Put strategy into action

Finally, a clear way to link your strategic goals to people and actions. With TeamAssurance, everyone can see who’s working on what – and what they’re achieving. That nurtures innovation by boosting engagement and morale. And it helps you fast-track lean transformation across your organisation. True operational excellence has never been more achievable.

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TeamAssurance sustains your whole staff to reach strategic goals more quickly, safely and efficiently.

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How it works

TeamAssurance helps manage operations in modern businesses by leveraging software, utilizing the captured data and enabling frontline workers be smarter and more efficient.

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