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According to a 2013 survey of nearly 700 executives across a variety of industries, only 8% of leaders were rated as very effective at both strategy and execution. Leaders need a framework to design, deploy and communicate strategy – from leadership to frontline – that ensures teams are engaged to deliver a strong result. Take this customer below who doubled their lean improvement target in 2018 through effective strategy deployment. The incentive for the frontline must have contributed to the execution!

Screenshot of a goal in TeamAssurance showing $1 million savings against a $500,000 target

TeamAssurance helped drive every level of the business to attain their goals, and ultimately achieve 200% of our lean productivity goal

    – General Manager Operations

Strategy deployment

TeamAssurance enables Hoshin Kanri with Goals. The tree view visualizes goal design, helping to balance across Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and People.

Every person, at every level, has a personalised view of how their goals contribute to the top-line strategy.

Strategy execution

All improvements raised by the frontline are tied to goals as they are created, giving leadership real-time visibility of strategy execution. View all teams or a single team. You can even view a person’s individual goals. This makes 1-on-1 reviews simple, because there’s no admin required to prepare the performance data.

Review and Adjust

At a glance, you can see which goals are getting attention – and which are not. Cost goals roll up the savings, at each level, to forecast whether the target will be met. Based on the achieved savings and the pipeline, you can determine next steps to ensure you meet or exceed targets.

Animated visualization of the cost savings for a goal

The integration of goals into daily management drives the strategy forward

Do you know how your goals are tracking, and where you need to target your efforts?

Nick Strybosch
Nick Strybosch
Nick leads the Product and User Experience teams at TeamAssurance.

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