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A Solution for Every Role

Whatever your industry, our platform can help youTeamAssurance delivers benefits to every member of your organisation.

From the improvement lead through to frontline operators, we have the tools to enrich their day-to-day functions and make their contribution to organisational objectives visible.

Scalibility For

Heads of Improvement

TeamAssurance supports you to connect the existing best practices in your organisation from Day 1.
From there, collaboratively developing the 'One best Way' to serve your customers in all that you do is easy, when your hierarchies are transformed into networks.
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"We have found it [TeamAssurance] extremely helpful in organising our day-to-day business. Not only as accountability, but also knowing who is involved in what, who isn't involved - so we can share the love - and being able to close more loops than we thought."

"We practice TPM here so being able to see how many kaizen or improvements that we actually DO by closing out actions in TeamAssurance has been extremely helpful."

Visibility For

Executive Leaders

Cultivate a Continuous Improvement culture by linking strategic goals with activities in a single, transparent source of truth.
With TeamAssurance, everyone from the CEO to frontline staff can see in real time how their contributions count towards the compelling needs of the business.

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Agility For

Site & Operations Leaders

At last, a way to both see and steer all that is in play. Manage risks and priorities alongside the day to day by unlocking the power of your Teams collaborative strength.
See their available capacity or overburden, connect stakeholders and drive accountability.

Daily Huddle with TeamAssurance

Admin Relief For

Frontline Supervisors

Allow Team members to own the issues and opportunities they find - and stay with them through to execution. Spread the admin load by enabling a single point of data entry from your Team to flow & aggregate as required.
Engage your Team by allowing direct communication & feedback to flow to and from the rest of the organisation.
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"With TeamAssurance, every time a request is raised with engineering there is a loop - there is an answer. There is what action has been done, if any. Even if something is rejected everyone knows..

That accountability, that traceability, is a lot better!"

A Voice For

Frontline Staff

Share insights within and between Teams to ensure daily work becomes 'Easier, Better, Faster, Cheaper.' Ensure the eyes & ears of the organisation have a direct, real-time link to the support they need to deliver the excellence in the product or service that customers expect.

Naturally engage & develop your next generation leaders on the job through easy involvement in key Change & Improvement Projects.


100% Organisational Awareness For

Safety Leads

Become the coach and strategic leader you are resourced to be by providing every Team the ability to see, raise and manage their risks by themselves, every day. Leverage all learnings to every corner of the organisation.
Introduce leading KPIs and review whole-of-business data to prioritise the safety initiatives that will elevate Safety in your organisation.


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"TeamAssurance has allowed us to increase the improvements that we're completing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

It's allowed us to complete these large projects that consume a lot of our time whilst still managing to get through the daily must-dos."

Customer-First Mindset For

Quality Leads

Embed an end to end 'Built-in Quality' mindset within your organisation by deploying best practice problem solving tools to all Teams.
Establish routines that 'find and fix' issues & risks before they become Customer complaints.
Standardise organisational know-how to eliminate 'key-person' risks.

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What Our Users Are Saying

"We find that TeamAssurance helps us promote accountability towards everyday PDCA. It combines daily visual management practices, adaptive problem solving and standardized work systems. This fosters an environment that supports continuous improvement and sustainable results. "

"Shifting from reactive to proactive management in large and complex sites is never easy. TeamAssurance allows all functions to work together seamlessly. Now the day-to-day activity management is delivered alongside our critical and ongoing project and improvement work."

"TeamAssurance comprehensively connects Frontline operators (from pharma graded rooms) to all support and management levels. This sort of fast interaction was previously not achievable. The ability to share across sites provides much more efficient and comprehensive communication and collaboration."

Looking for More Benefits?

Collaborate Across Sites

TeamAssurance ties your business together, no matter how many sites you have, or where they’re located. A clear view of goals, activities, and accountabilities helps dispersed teams share knowledge and build efficiencies business-wide.

Coordinate With Stakeholders

Reduce the burden of management tracking and free yourself to have meetings that actually make a difference. TeamAssurance provides one clear system for your entire operation, so you can work effectively with stakeholders, no matter where they’re located.

Drive Best Practice

Visibility over actions — at whole-of-business, team and individual levels — builds engagement and morale. It also makes reviewing business data easy, to help you implement and sustain transformative best practices on a daily basis.

Eliminate Silos

The days of siloed knowledge and single-owner responsibilities are over. TeamAssurance makes continuous improvement everyone’s business. Now you can work together, sharing skills, ideas and experience to move the needle in the right direction every day.

Apply Lean At Scale

Develop a culture of lean thinking, where everyone has responsibility for building efficiencies and innovation. TeamAssurance helps build people’s engagement with strategic goals, and support staff to act in ways that help you achieve them.

Meet Compliance Demands

Meet compliance requirements in real time, not after the fact. With clear accountabilities and performance tracking, TeamAssurance shows exactly where you’re falling short — and how to address the problem, starting now.

Kick-off Continuous Communication

Organisations face challenges and change both internally and from the world at large on a daily basis. Easily and quickly provide all teams constant communication when required to remove doubts, to resolve misunderstandings, and to re-double focus and efforts where they are required. 

Provide a Clear Line of Sight

Ensure every employee fully understands the role they play to deliver the organisations vision and objectives. At all times, allow them to see where they are now, where they need to get to, and how they are progressing on the journey.

Safely Increase the Speed Limit

With the increased visibility of risks and opportunities, comes the ability to safely accelerate the rate of change within your organization. With increased workforce involvement & engagement, the heavy load becomes shared more widely. Activity that was previously measured in weeks and months may now be seen in hours and days.

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