How It Works

Team Assurance sustains your whole staff to reach strategic goals more quickly, safely and efficiently. It’s a software platform that embeds Lean principles into your business, from strategy to delivery. And it fast-tracks Lean transformation in organisations of all sizes.

From the C-suite to the front line, we’ll show you who’s doing what, when. Position your staff to learn Lean on the job. See how you’re solving show-stopping problems. And pre-empt goal and compliance shortfalls with practical action.

Finally, true excellence really is achievable.

Steps to Success

Step 1


TeamAssurance gives everyone responsibility for logging and tracking activities.

Capture all activity

Create a new activity in less than a minute

Tie Delivery to strategy

Link activities to goals, so teams can see their impact.

Search and filter effortlessly

Get to the data that helps you make a difference.

Step 2


Now everyone can identify and track issues, and see them closed out — in real time.

Build accountability

Connect people to tasks and responsibilities.

Close the loop

Connect people to tasks and responsibilities.

Never miss a thing

Now everyone can report issues and improvements.

Step 3


To be truly Lean, continuous improvement must be baked into business process.

Conduct root cause analysis

Easily understand and tackle issues at the source.

Learn by doing

Action-focused activities let staff learn lean on the job.

Get valuable visibility

All staff can see — and build on — their achievements.

Step 4


At last: a single source of truth for all your business goals and activities.

Gain impact through data

Watch teams achieve goals on screen, in real time.

It’s what you’re not doing…

Know what needs action today.

Predict success and shortfalls

Lead indicators show what’s working, and where to improve.


Secure. Scalable. Flexible

You don’t need to change your thinking to suit our software: Team Assurance evolves securely with your operation. No matter how big or small your business, how distributed, or how many teams and people you have, you can easily configure — and reconfigure — your setup to reflect your organisation and its changing goals.