Net the full potential of lean manufacturing much faster with TeamAssurance. Digitally connect the top floor to the shop floor, empower staff to make a real difference in real time, and watch your operation flourish.


A solution for every role

Executive Leaders

Cultivate a culture of Lean innovation by linking strategic goals with activities in a single, transparent source of truth. With TeamAssurance, everyone from the CEO to frontline staff can see in real time how their contributions count toward faster, safer, more efficient business.


Site and Operations

At last, a way to visualise and link goals with people and effort. Now everyone can see actions and their outcomes. That builds employee engagement, and raises productivity in ways that truly support business strategy.


Safety and Quality

Better connect teams to raise and track issues themselves, every day. Finally, you’re free to review whole-of-business data, and to prioritise the safety and quality initiatives that will make a tangible difference to your operations.

What people are saying

"Being competitive is vitally important. This system provided an opportunity for us to identify very specific savings that would otherwise be quite difficult to get."

David Worley



Ease daily management
Collaborate across sites

TeamAssurance ties your business together, no matter how many sites you have, or where they’re located. A clear view of goals, activities, and accountabilities helps dispersed teams share knowledge and build efficiencies business-wide.

Ease daily management
Coordinate with stakeholders

Reduce the burden of management tracking and free yourself to have meetings that actually make a difference. TeamAssurance provides one clear system for your entire operation, so you can work effectively with stakeholders, no matter where they’re located.

Ease daily management
Drive best practice

Visibility over actions — at whole-of-business, team and individual levels — builds engagement and morale. It also makes reviewing business data easy, to help you implement and sustain transformative best practices on a daily basis.

Ease daily management
Apply lean at scale

Develop a culture of lean thinking, where everyone has responsibility for building efficiencies and innovation. TeamAssurance helps build people’s engagement with strategic goals, and support staff to act in ways that help you achieve them.

Ease daily management
Meet compliance demands

Meet compliance requirements in real time, not after the fact. With clear accountabilities and performance tracking, TeamAssurance shows exactly where you’re falling short — and how to address the problem, starting now.

Ease daily management
Break down silos

The days of siloed knowledge and single-owner responsibilities are over. TeamAssurance makes continuous improvement everyone’s business. Now you can work together, sharing skills, ideas and experience to move the needle in the right direction every day.