The Lean philosophy is transforming the work of healthcare. By more closely connecting frontline staff to strategic goals, TeamAssurance helps your teams collaborate and innovate more effectively, to deliver better-quality care at every interaction.


A solution for every role

Executive Leaders

Cultivate a culture of Lean practice by linking your strategic vision with activities in a single, easy-to-read view. With TeamAssurance, everyone from the CEO to frontline staff can see in real time how their contributions count toward more intelligent, responsive, and efficient healthcare.

Site and Operations

At last, health service providers have a way to visualise and link goals with people and activities both in and between locations. Now everyone can see actions and their outcomes, which builds team engagement, and encourages innovation that truly supports strategic initiatives.

Safety and Quality

Better connect individuals to raise and track issues themselves, every day. Finally, you’re free to review whole-of-practice data, and to prioritise the safety and quality initiatives that will make a tangible difference to your standard of care.


Collaborate across locations

TeamAssurance unifies your service and its providers, no matter how many sites you have. Even distributed teams can see goals, activities, and responsibilities at a glance, and share knowledge to provide care more efficiently.

Apply best practice

With TeamAssurance, best practices become an essential part of your service delivery. Clarity over actions at every level of your organisation helps you cultivate engagement, and inspire innovation in every team member.

Manage and mitigate risks

With clear accountabilities and built-in performance tracking, TeamAssurance lets you identify and act on compliance issues as soon as they emerge. Now you can mitigate risks in real time, and optimise care for every patient.

Make better decisions

TeamAssurance is the single source of truth for your entire operation. It frees you from the burden of manual, multi-system management tracking, so you can focus on the real work of making well-informed decisions with the stakeholders who can help them succeed.

Apply Lean at scale

Nurture a culture of Lean thinking throughout your organisation, no matter how large or complex it is. With TeamAssurance, growing efficiencies through innovation becomes everybody’s work. We help ease the implementation of lean healthcare at scale.

Break down barriers

Lean healthcare depends on team work, so TeamAssurance makes progress and accountabilities clear to everyone across the organisation. At last, your people can share ideas, knowledge and experience freely, to move in the right direction every day.