Lean practices lets governments do more with less. TeamAssurance supports government through lean transformation, and sustains your staff to better serve your communities today and in the future.


A solution for every role

Executive Leaders

Develop a culture of Lean practice by connecting your strategic plan to daily activities. With TeamAssurance, everyone from the CEO to frontline staff can see in real time how their efforts help you achieve your commitments.

Site and Operations

TeamAssurance helps you turn strategy into reality. Now you can visualise goals, and link them to people and activities across sites. Everyone can see actions and their outcomes, which builds engagement and nurtures pragmatic innovation on a daily basis.

Visibility and Accountability

Deploy high-level strategy and get visibility over your progress, from the function heads to frontline teams. Since everyone’s contributing to TeamAssurance, you’ll eliminate time-wasting paper data capture, data entry and manual analytics.


Collaborate across sites

TeamAssurance lets your on- and off-site teams see goals, activities, and responsibilities — and act on them. Now even distributed teams can share knowledge and skills to deliver services more efficiently and innovatively.

Implement best practice

Transform government from traditional service delivery models to the Lean philosophy. TeamAssurance embeds the Lean approach into daily activities at all levels of your organisation, so best practice quickly becomes second nature.

Meet compliance requirements

By tying actions to accountabilities, and with built-in performance tracking, TeamAssurance helps you spot compliance issues as soon as they arise. Now you can preempt and mitigate risks before they become problems.

Keep stakeholders up to date

TeamAssurance is the single source of truth for your whole organisation. It frees managers from manually tracking and reporting across multiple systems, and positions stakeholders to make better-informed decisions at the right time.

Sustain Lean at scale

Sustain Lean practice throughout your organisation, no matter what its size. By design, TeamAssurance makes innovation and efficiency everyone’s responsibility, so Lean transformation is sustainable even in the most complex operations.

Break down silos

TeamAssurance makes progress and accountabilities clear to everyone across the organisation. At last, your people can truly collaborate, sharing ideas, knowledge and experience freely, to better support council customers and stakeholders at every interaction.