Scaling and Sustaining an Excellence program

We partnered with NCI Packaging to streamline communication, reduce administration and increase capacity of their Excellence program. By migrating their improvement projects and daily management to a digital platform, teams were free to engage without limit or restraint in order to boost outcomes;

  • Scrap waste sustained at historically low levels
  • Improvement project tasks now managed daily instead of weekly
  • 70% reduction in overtime over 4 months
  • Visibility and accountability of tasks accessible online, available anywhere, at anytime
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A system at breaking point

NCI Packaging are a 65-year old privately owned packaging company and key product partner to many of Australia’s leading paint, food and aerosol brands.

In 2018 NCI launched an Excellence program based on Improvement Projects and a revision of their Daily Management. This was a simple and very unglamorous initiative to improve quality and reduce costs. The Excellence program involved 25 project leaders with supporting project teams. Teams met weekly to discuss improvement projects, and it worked. Up to a point. 

They hit a ceiling, or rather hit THE ceiling. Improvements were pasted floor to ceiling and required a step-ladder to update some projects. Information was constrained to one room at the site and the administration was stretching the leadership team’s capacity. In addition, the project tasks were not front-of-mind in the day-to-day operations of the site. The result was that improvement projects often required overtime.

A3 improvement project papers developed in the excellence program are pasted on a wall from floor to ceiling
A wall of Improvement projects

An online Excellence program

We worked with NCI to migrate their Improvement projects from spreadsheets and paper on to TeamAssurance, with the ability for NCI to create more projects as needed. Once the project tasks were online and assigned to a person with due dates, they were easier to track and generated a bias to action. The daily huddles ensured accountability and follow-up, and Teams were able to streamline communication. Project leaders now have real-time visibility of project status, and management have oversight of strategic projects. It’s this transparency that helps teams to keep driving improvements forward.

We had a good organisational culture as a platform, but streamlining communication has accelerated our engagement.

Sharif Said, Plant Manager

Directing efforts to improvement, not administration

NCI Packaging have increased the engagement and participation of frontline staff, simply by making their Excellence program more accessible and self-managed. This has helped to realise the benefits of the projects earlier, with improved outcomes in scrap waste, overtime, delivery performance, changeover times and customer non-conformances.

Nick Strybosch
Nick Strybosch
Nick leads the Product and User Experience teams at TeamAssurance.

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