A3 problem-solving template

Animated view of the A3 problem solving template in TeamAssurance

A3 problem-solving is a simple way for teams to collaborate on complex issues and continually improve their process. It is based on A3 thinking, which is a structured approach to problem solving with its origins at Toyota. Based on some simple steps and ideas, A3 thinking promotes collaboration and active communication to manage small projects, and solve chronic or more complex issues.

Tell a story

A3 Reports bring together related information and activity in a one-page overview. This structured simplification means it’s an effective communication and coaching tool for the frontline through to senior mangement. Most of this information already resides within TeamAssurance, and you simply link the information to the relevant A3 section. Otherwise create the goals or activities directly from the A3 Report and it will automatically be linked and displayed.

Active management

A3 Reports are a living document that should be revisited and updated at regular intervals. It shouldn’t be a monthly exercise for the project team to meet and update the A3 – that’s a sure way to stagnate progress. Instead, manage the individual activities and goals through your Daily Management System, such as TeamAssurance, to ensure that the A3 isn’t a set-and-forget exercise.

Nick Strybosch
Nick Strybosch
Nick leads the Product and User Experience teams at TeamAssurance.

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