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About Us

At TeamAssurance, we know the power of engaging frontline teams to supercharge continuous improvement and productivity. We also know that scaling a Lean framework across sites and geographies means acknowledging entrenched cultural challenges: a top-down approach to innovation, a lack of standardised implementation across sites, disconnected teams, siloed data, and a lack of awareness of language diversity.

That’s why we created TeamAssurance. An Operational Excellence platform for organisations of any size or Lean maturity, where your operational data and information is visible to everyone, and everyone is accountable to each other.

Our mission at TeamAssurance is simple: help every employee to understand how they can contribute to the organisation’s strategic outcomes. A digital app that meets your teams exactly where they’re at in Lean maturity and grows with them as they continuously improve.

We’re combining strategy deployment, daily activity management and self-sustaining teams to manage your organisational information in a way you’ve always wanted to, but never seen before.

A simple and effective Operational Excellence platform. It’s about time.